Top Picks : 5 incredible rooftop restaurants |worldwide

Here is our round-up of 5 incredible rooftop restaurants worldwide and what makes them special!

Apart from the location, design & aesthetics of your restaurant/ bar can make it stand out world apart. Investing in good design is an important aspect that comes early in planning & budgeting stages and will becomes an integrate part of the brand you want to create as a successful restaurateur. We have curated a selection of well designed roof-top restaurants to inspire you.

We love love love…

1. Ozone Bar, Hong Kong

ozone bar
Ozone Bar
Ozone bar
Ozone bar
Ozone Bar
Ozone Bar

Rightly so, ozone is up & above. Strategically lit ambiance brings out the design that is one of a kind. Especially the bar has these triangular & pentagonal geometry of intersecting planes that flows through out as a design theme.

2. Skybar, Bangkok

As among the world’s highest bar, what makes Skybar more special is simplistic & yet powerful play of geometry in its bar design. Elegant & simple it stays in your memory as “that rooftop place with the bold circular bar”

blue_circle pink_circle sirocco-restaurant-sky-bar Top-Bangkok-rooftop-bars-and-restaurants-that-you-can’t-miss-sky-bar-bangkok.. yellow_circle

3. Aer bar & lounge, Mumbai (Bombay)

Aer is perfect example of what investing in great design can do for you. Aer find instant success through its sophisticated ambiance & quickly charts up international presence.

Aer Bar and Lounge
Aer Bar and Lounge

4. Ku de ta club lounge, Singapore

Ku de ta breaks conventions of roof-top bar & lounge. The picture says it all. When designing, go out of comfort zone, consider ideas may or may not be something people associate with bars & lounges. Sometimes great experiences are are created from out of the box thinking.

Ku de ta, Marina Bay , Singapore
Ku de ta bar, swiming pool with infinity edge

5. Coq D’Argent, London

Consider creating an urban garden. Coq D’ Argent gives rooftop restaurants a whole new meaning.

Coq D'Argent
Coq D’Argent
Coq D'Argent view
Coq D’Argent view